Feasibility Study (Step #1)

This first step can also be referred to as an “FM Frequency Search” by and through which we begin the process of applying for your new FM broadcast station (or translator) by performing a “Feasibility Study” by and through which we input the exact geographic coordinates for your preferred transmitter site location into our computers and let them perform various checks and tests as based upon the type and class of facility for which you wish to apply.

If you wish to apply for a non-commercial station or a translator, we perform a “contour-based” study which is based on prohibited versus non-prohibited overlaps.

If you wish to apply for a commercial station, we perform a study which is based upon “FCC separation tables” which are guidelines as established by the FCC by which we must abide when seeking to add or modify your station. There are several “tricks” we may be able to utilize so, if another Broadcast Technical Consultant has advised you that your site is not useable, please allow us to check it again using our own specialized methods which occasionally do find loopholes not seen by others. If we can’t find a useable frequency at your preferred location, we’ll run the same tests and checks at up to two additional locations on your behalf at no additional charge!

For FM translator application work, we suggest that you visit FMTranslatorApplication.com for more information.

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Initial Application Information Gathering (Step #2)

When we’ve located a viable frequency on which we can file an application for your FM station, we’ll begin preparation of the proper documentation to have the FCC “allot” or “allocate” your specific channel (frequency) to the community you wish to serve. In order to accomplish this, we’ll need to gather what may seem like a lot of information from you so that we can prepare and submit the proper documentation for filing with the FCC.

If you wish to apply for a new FM translator, the allotment process can be skipped. Still, we will need to gather information so that we can prepare the proper documentation for filing during a proper filing window as announced by the FCC when the time comes. You do NOT want to wait to begin the process after the announcing of a filing window as there will not be enough time to properly prepare your application and we refuse to work on projects unless we have adequate time to perform the work flawlessly.

This importance of this cannot be stressed enough! DO NOT WAIT FOR THE ANNOUNCING OF A FILING WINDOW! If you do wait for the announcing of a filing window, you have already waited until it is too late to begin the application process!!!

Again, for FM translator application work, we suggest that you visit FMTranslatorApplication.com for more information.

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Application Preparation/Filing/Follow-Through (Step #3)

When a filing window is formally announced by the FCC, we’ll begin a very thorough checking of your already prepared application so that we will be absolutely certain everything is flawless and fully prepared for filing during the filing window.

Once we’re sure that everything is flawless with regards to your application, we can file your application on your behalf or, if you want to feel the thrill of filing it, we’ll give you step by step instructions so that you can do the actual filing.

Following the filing of your application, we’ll monitor for filing (by others) which may be “mutually exclusive” which means that the FCC will be required to approve one or the other of the two while the other would walk away empty-handed. Should we find that a mutually exclusive application does exist, we’ll immediately begin work on resolving the mutual exclusivity as expediently and efficiently as possible.

Resolving a mutually exclusive situation can take on any of several forms. This can be done by filing an amendment to your original application seeking to relocate to another channel, another location or (possibly) another antenna pattern. We can also contact the applicant with whom your application is mutually exclusive in hopes of finding a solution on which everyone can agree and submitting such agreements to the FCC as a part of your application.

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